Aakash Kedia Photography

Remember when you were a child, and you ran out at the smell of the new rains. Remember how free you felt when you looked up at the sky as the first few droplets touch your eyes. These little moments flash by and become blurry memories of our past. 

We are reminded of these feelings somewhere in the middle of our walk up the stairs, or the cab ride in the midst of traffic on a summer day. Nostalgia might be a dirty liar, but it sure does some good, when it successfully convinces your friends to take that trip you had planned together years ago, over chai, on a drive, or while listen to your signature playlist.

Basic Travel is dedicated to all such moments, those little escapades, the ‘finallys’ and the comfort of revisiting favourite songs, delving into stories, tasting the unknown, just a bit, while leaving a lot behind. 

Here, we will be sharing our travel stories, places that calm us and excite us, makes the average days beautiful yet satisfying,  and makes every experience worthwhile.